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Where is Bruny Island?

Bruny Island is a special place. A premier Island destination in Tasmania. A place to really relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beautifully peaceful surrounds.

Bruny Island is approximately 100 kilometres in length and lies off the Tasmanian coast south of Hobart. It consists of two islands. The islands are joined by The Neck, an isthmus of land and an important habitat for Bruny’s native wildlife, including a penguin rookery and surf beach.

North Bruny Island is drier and more suited to livestock farming whereas South Bruny Island is more mountainous and has rainforests and areas of heathland, which form most of South Bruny National Park.

Things to see and do at Bruny Island

The whole island is breathtaking. From wild seascapes, deserted beaches, sweeping surf, rainforests, native wildlife to tall forests and farmlands, Bruny Island is a very diverse and scenically beautiful place.

There are many beach and coastal walks, excellent fishing and rare birdlife and wild flowers to see. There are white wallabies, black cockatoos, seals, dolphins, parrots, sea eagles and more to see on Bruny Island.

Bruny Island has a permanent population of approximately 800 people.

Bruny Island is home to some beautiful local produce and premium quality wines. The produce ranges from fudge, chocolate, truffles and berries to cheese, fresh oysters and more.

The Story of Bruny Island

In 1773 Tobias Furneaux, who was exploring the coastline with Captain James Cook anchored his vessel named the Adventure off the Islands coast. Four years later on the 26 January 1777, Cook sailed the Revolution and Discovery into Adventure Bay and stayed for two days. His contact with the Aboriginals who lived on the island was amicable.

In 1778 Captain Bligh anchored the Bounty in Adventure Bay and planted some seeds. It is claimed that Bligh was responsible for Tasmanias apple industry. He returned in 1792.

Bruny Island and the waterway between the Island and mainland Tasmania, however, is named for the French Explorer, Bruni D’Entrecasteaux, who first explored the area in 1792.

Bruny Island Beach
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When Getting Away From it all Still Means Luxury

Separated from Tasmania by the D’Entrecastaux Channel, Bruny Island can really make a genuine claim to be a get away from it all paradise that so many other places protest to be. The area is famous for its natural beauty, breathtaking wilderness landscapes and coastline. The island is home to the South Bruny National Park and has a diverse wildlife that many visitors are fascinated by. Unlike many other tourist destinations that have been spoilt by over development, Bruny Island has resisted the rush for exploitation of its charms. Nevertheless, luxury accommodation is available and, just because you are in a paradise environment, you won’t have to feel in the least as though you are slumming it.

With a stunning beachside position, Sunset Bay Escape, is the perfect example of a heavenly retreat that retains more than a hint or two of opulent luxury. What is more, the accommodation is only an hour and a half’s drive from Hobart – including the 15 minute ferry crossing which departs from Kettering. Sunset Bay itself, which lies close to the famous Bruny Island Lighthouse, is aptly named and offers up regular natural light shows at sun down.

Flora and Fauna

Given that Bruny Island is one of those spots where nature has been largely allowed to get on with it, you might expect some interesting animal and plant life. The island is home to fairy penguins, white wallabies and fur seals. Both the body and the top of the head of the fairy penguin are a striking indigo blue colour and they remain ever popular with locals and tourists alike. Another bird of note is the forty-spotted pardalote which is one of the rarest birds in the whole of Australia and for which the island remains one of the last strongholds. Much of the islands plant life is made up of eucalyptus tree woodland and the hard leaved sclerophyll.

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View from Sunset Bay Escape

An Unspoilt Island?

It is true to say that tourism to Bruny Island has grown in recent years. Although its natural beauty makes this understandable, can the island really make good on its promise of a luxury paradise? Remember that by far the majority of visitors to the island are day trippers and that only a few stay overnight. Sunset Bay is outside the scope of many visitors who head back for the ferry after a few hours. So, you really can expect to get away from it all.

Places to See at Bruny Island

With such natural beauty it is unsurprising that Tasmania as a whole and Bruny Island in particular are popular with overseas visitors. We’ve put together a helpful resource of some of the places you can see when you visit.

Things to Do at Bruny Island

For an island that lies off an island that lies off an island, you may be surprised to find there are plenty of things to do. From fine cuisine, adventure activities, lighthouses, and art galleries. Bruny Island truly is is the perfect escape. Have a read of some of the things you can do when you stay.

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