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Things to do at Bruny Island

Dolphins sighted near Bruny Island

Activities and Attractions

With such natural beauty it is unsurprising that Tasmania as a whole and Bruny Island in particular are popular with overseas visitors. Foreigners will need to consider changing their cash for Australian dollars before arriving, however, because the island is not exactly overrun with banking services. There are, of course, plenty of ATMs in Hobart and Kingston to use. Australian or not, you will probably want some spare dollars to take part in the activities available on the island. There are, for example, fast moving cruises that operate from Adventure Bay which explore the island. Some say the ocean gives the best views of the unspoilt coastline. These multi-award winning cruises usually run over three hours and the boats, although ruggedly built for the local seas, are comfortable and safe. Expect to discover the so-called Monument, a rocky outcrop which leaves a narrow channel though which you can pass. Sea goers are also often able to spot dolphins, migrating whales as well as birds of prey. Art lovers should head to the most northern part of the island where there is a gallery showcasing the best in local talent including ceramicists, photographers and textile artists.

Food and Wine

For an island that lies off an island that lies off an island, you may expect the area to be a culinary backwater. Far from it. The locality is justly proud of its cuisine – the perfect accompaniment for a luxury vacation. Locally sourced oysters are afavourite choice. Oysters are sourced from a farm on the west of the island which is open to visitors who’d like to sample the produce. Similarly, island-produced cheese has an increasing reputation for both integrity and flavour. Bruny Island Cheese Company makes distinctive cheese from a combination of both cow’s and goat’s milk. The cheese makers have an ethos which is both traditional and ethical – promoting the good treatment of the animals producing the milk. Oenophiles will also find something of interest on the island. The Wayaree Estate produces chardonnay and pinot noir vines that have both won awards. The vineyard itself has a sunny north westerly aspect which offers the grapes slow ripening conditions. The estate is open to visitors on most days but it is best to call ahead to make an appointment.

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From 5 minutes to full day walks, Bruny Island offers breathtaking scenery such as dramatic coastlines, rainforests and secluded beaches.

For more information on some of these walks visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife website.

Cruise at Bruny Island

Boating and Kayaking

Bruny Island is ideal for boating, fishing, kayaking, dinghies, surfing and windsurfing. A must see experience is the Bruny Island Adventure Cruise, a 3 hour cruise exploring the coastline of the island. Come up close and personal to dolphins and fur seals. Also whales in the migration season. See Bruny Island Cruises for more information.


The best time to fish on Bruny Island is between November and April. Major species caught on Bruny Island are flathead, leatherjacket, morwong, gurnard, squid, Australian salmon, barracouta, striped trumpeter and skate. Large schools of arrow squid and calamari run from around October each year and hang around until the New Year.

For the boat angler reports of albacore and striped tuna have been taken wide off Adventure Bay.

The best Bruny Island Hot Spots for fishing are:

  • Alonnah
  • Cloudy Bay Lagoon
  • Adventure Bay and Neck Beach
  • Barnes Bay
  • Dennes Point

For more information on fishing please visit the Department of Primary Industries and Water website

Bruny Island Beach
Bird on Bruny Island

Bird Watching

Bruny Island is a bird watchers paradise. More than half of Bruny is set aside as National Park and State Reserve, which include rainforest and plant species not found anywhere else in Tasmania.

Inala Nature Tours specialise in designing and organising personalised wildlife tours for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.

More local tourist attractions

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